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Site tough, 100% waterproof, horizontal and dual grade leveling

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Simply the toughest self leveling laser level on the market, built to withstand the rigors of the external and internal construction environment. The new Agatec LT200 self leveling laser level has been designed to be rugged and reliable in all tough site conditions. This laser level has been constructed with a durable full metal housing and is 100% water and dust proof. Every aspect of the internal and external construction has been made high quality materials, workmanship and quality that is expected of a top quality brand from the Leica Geo-systems family of companies.

At a glance

The LT200 laser Level offers outstanding performance both indoors and outdoors on the construction site, making this a very versatile and hard working laser level.

Laser Level Outdoor Performance:

The accurate self leveling laser offers accuracy of less than 1mm in 10 metres and has a range of over 300 metres. In addition the LT200 self leveling laser level offers dual slope / grade function that allows gradients of up to 8% in the X and the Y axis to be set. This function is easy to use and is ideal for driveways, drainage and landscaping projects. The L200 is small laser level that connects securely to the standard construction site tripod with a durable metal thread. The built in Horizontal alert (HI) ensures that if the laser is knocked during operation the user is alerted and can re-establish a safe datum position.

The LT200 laser level comes complete with a high performance laser receiver and durable staff clamp. The laser receiver offers multiple levels of tuning accuracy and audible alerts in addition to visual displays on both sides of the receiver for ease of use. The durable rubber protection surrounding the receiver withstand constant abuse during its daily operation.

The LT200 laser level is compatible with all machine control receivers and machine guidance systems when in high speed rotation mode. See Agatec MR240 Receiver and Agatec MR360R.

Laser Level Indoor Performance

The LT200 laser level not only performs outside, but its highly visible laser enables the LT200 to perform indoors as well. The two rotation speeds combined with the scanning mode for maximum visibility in the working area offers all the options required.

Low cost of ownership, high performance:

The LT200 laser level has been designed to offer outstanding accuracy and durability to ensure that you receive service from this laser for many years making this a great investment. Calibration is only required if the accuracy has been impaired. The LT200 offers a simple calibration checking process that gives the user confidence for the project, but ensures calibration is only done when required. The robust construction, combined with the latest brushless motors ensure maximum performance with minimum wear to the components. The LT200 laser Level is gas purged to prevent any water gaining access to, or moisture remaining inside the laser levels housing. Re-calibration is undertaken using electronics ensuring a quick and cost effective process without requiring the laser to be opened. The LT200 laser Level is a laser that offers excellent lifetime service and value for money.

Agatec LT200 Rotary Laser Level - Overview

Works inside
Scan modes, 360 degree bright laser level, 2 speed

Machine control
High speed revolutions for use with all machine control and machine guidance systems. Range 300 metres, high accuracy.

Works outside
Weather proof, self leveling, high quality machine receiver with fine tuning, dual display and audible level.

Site work & leveling
Self levels to ±1mm in 10 meters. Dual grade manual settings. Ideal for drains and footings.


  • General construction
  • Forms, footings, residential foundations, concrete pours
  • Check elevations and excavating
  • Dual grade slope matching for drainage
  • Waterproof for harsh environments



  • 100% Waterproof and washable
  • 5 Days continuous use on one battery charge (40+hours)
  • Large working radius : 1 m - 300 m
  • Self Leveling, High level of accuracy: ±2.5 mm at 30 Metres
  • Large grade settings, leveling range: ± 8%
  • 100% dust resistant- IP67 Rated
  • Durable, full metal construction
  • Protective carry case and large grab handle

Popular with

  • General construction
  • Landscapers
  • Ground works contractors
  • Driveways
  • Drainage contractors
  • Developers

Agatec LT200 Construction Laser questions, and many general questions regarding the practical use of our laser measuring devices on our FAQ's page. For free friendly advice simply call 0845 2572188 and ask for a Agatec product specialist or email

What is included?

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Agatec LT200 Rotary Laser Level

  • LT 200 self leveling laser level
  • SR200 laser receiver and staff clamp
  • NIMH rechargeable battery pack (40 Hours)
  • 6V UK charger
  • Hard protective carry case, with foam protective liner
  • FREE next day delivery on all orders before 4.00pm
  • 30 Day no quibble money back guarantee
  • 2 Year worldwide warranty
  • Trade in options available (call and ask for details)
  • Multiple purchase deals available
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