Agatec MC8 – Multicross Line Laser

Easy-to-use tool, quick and reliable..

Agatec MC SeriesAgatec MC8 Multicross Line Laser

This robust multi cross laser projects 4 vertical and 1 horizontal lines, with high intense red laser beams. Agatec MC8 increase your job efficiency in leveling, squaring, layout and alignment applications. It works outdoor with a laser receiver (optional). Ideal for professionals that need an instant self-leveling laser, with high working range and visibility.

At a glance

Agatec MC8 is an easy-to-use tool, quick and reliable. It helps professionals to accomplish interior works, such as pose of wall paving, tiles or cabinets. Agatec MC8 features horizontal rotating mechanism and fine adjustment knob for convenient working.

Agatec MC8 Multicross Line Laser - Overview

Spirit level and fine adjusting screws

Total room coverage 360°
Full crossline projection

Alignment tasks

Self leveling

Plumb beam

It is ideal for installing tiles, kitchen cabinets or metal studs for dry walls

IP54 rated

Robust housing
IP54 protected against water and dust


  • Highest precision with the electronic leveling: ± 1 mm at 10 m
  • Total room coverage 360° full crossline projection
  • Easy squaring function with cross line on ceiling plus plumb down
  • 4 horizontal lines
  • 4 vertical lines
  • Automatic leveling
  • Individual lines activation
  • Horizontal rotating mechanism
  • Plumb beam - up and down



  • Range: up to 50 m (with optional receiver)
  • Typ. accuracy: ± 2mm Accuracy
  • Self leveling range ±3°
  • Plumb beam
  • Robust with IP54 (water and dust proof)
  • Battery life: 12 hrs
  • Simple to use, easy to handle, hard case included

Popular with

  • Architects
  • Property tradesmen
  • Tilers
  • Kitchen fitters

Agatec MC8 Line Laser questions, and many general questions regarding the practical use of our laser measuring devices on our FAQ's page. For free friendly advice simply call 0845 2572188 and ask for a Agatec product specialist or email

What is included?

Product image

Agatec MC8 Line Laser

  • Laser
  • Hard case
  • Rechargeble batteries + alkaline batteries
  • Charger
  • Laser glasses
  • FREE next day delivery on all orders before 4.00pm
  • 30 Day no quibble money back guarantee
  • 2 Year worldwide warranty
  • Trade in options available (call and ask for details)
  • Multiple purchase deals available
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